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His three sons were rich in prospects, in favor, and in talent; but he had three daughters, and was afraid bear tour alaska november wearying the monarchs benevolence. It occurred to him to mention only one by one, these virgins eager to light their torches. The King had too much good taste to leave his work incomplete. The marriage of the eldest with a ReceiverGeneral, Planat de Baudry, was arranged by one of those royal bear tour alaska november which cost nothing and are worth millions. One evening, when the Sovereign was out of spirits, he smiled on hearing of the existence of another Demoiselle de Fontaine, for whom he found a husband in the person of a young magistrate, of inferior birth, no doubt, but wealthy, and whom he created Baron. When, the year after, the Vendeen spoke of Mademoiselle Emilie de Fontaine, the King replied in his thin sharp tones, Amicus Plato sed magis amica Natio. Then, a few days later, he treated his friend Fontaine to a quatrain, harmless enough, which he styled an epigram, in which he made fun of these three daughters so skilfully introduced, under the form of a trinity. Nay, if report is to bear tour alaska november believed, the monarch had found the point of the jest in the Unity of the three Divine Persons.
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